hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
avis is 32/f/hillsboro,ILLINOISE
"what do u look like?"
i am short 4/9 small 4 age 15 i have light brown hair and i am white and have greenish hazil eyes wit a speck of brown and i dont wear much makeup and my personality is like eminems and dat is a good thang cuz he tells whats on his mind and he,s not afriad 2 tell people yeah fuck you 2 and dont ever take no shit from no 1 and dat is how i am sorry if u dont like a girl who has her own mind instead of lising 2 to her damn bf to bad if u dont like me cuz i don,t give a fuck and dat,s a fact ha
"wanna cyber?"
ONLY IF UR HOT AND BETWEEN THE AGES 13-19 no fags & no bricks and i do not haveta say plz 4 any1
"r u single?"
YES I AM 4 NOW ANYWAY and i hate blonds and reds dont make me fuckin say is twice
"have u got a site?"
my full name is ava maire mcmillin pals call me avis and if u dont like it u really think i give a fuck what u think of me hell no stupid people these dayz ha
"what other sites u like?"
WWW.SPONGEBOB.COM FUNNYANIMALS.COM go 2 em they good cuz i say so ha
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