hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
bliss is 33/f/Seattle, Washington
"what do u look like?"
Crap =*( I couldn't figure out how to put in mah pic...Im so computer retarted =( Oh well...I look like...Uhhh....I look like....A girl! A girl with brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin...So simple =D Hehe.Now...These are tha things I like!!!! SooOoOo....I like shopping, singing, swimming, reading, drawing, watching Dracula 2000, hanging out with friends...etc.*etc.* Hehe! Oh yeah..I don't like...babysitting and having to sit on my ass all day doing nothing =P That about sums it up!
"wanna cyber?"
OoOo...how about...NAH!!! *ewwwww* >.< cybering is for lame kids who haven't hit puberty, or old farts who can't get laid =P
"r u single?"
Yesh...so lonely...so sad....=P JK!!! I lubz bein single! NoN-LuVin GurLy *MuAhz!*
"have u got a site?"
Yepper! I habz a site that me and my best buds made! But...I won't put it on here! Hehe.
"what other sites u like?"
www.geocities.com/flaming_twix/me.html <~My pic if you want to see me...
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