hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
littlesexkitten is 33/f/Fairless Hills, USA
"what do u look like?"
Like a lipstick lesbian.
"wanna cyber?"
Naw, I did that already. Men have no imagination and girl cybering is dumb, rofl.
"r u single?"
Naw, nicca.
"have u got a site?"
"what other sites u like?"
Porn, Humor, and Photoshop Tutorial sites.
"so tell me more about urself?"
Um, I used to date girls, I'm engaged. I have a dog, I like satire. I have issues with men. I plan to publish a book. Stupidity is contagious so I prefer not to hang around those that've caught it. I have 5 dildos. I used to take naughty pictures for my fiance, but NO I won't take them for you. :)
    Profile created 17-Nov-2005. Last modified 17-Nov-2005.    

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