hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
lusci0usnae is 32/f/Somewhere
"got a pic?"

Look! No eyeliner!
"what do u look like?"
Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'6, 130lbs.. perfect for my height.
"wanna cyber?"
"r u single?"
at the moment- yes
"have u got a site?"
"what other sites u like?"
something that doesn't have to do with lame ass rating sites.
"so tell me more about urself?"
RANDOM: Renae. 17. I don\\'t look or act my age. Blonde hair at the time. Blue eyes. Yes the eyes are real people. I\\'m very down to earth, and laid back. I\\'m very spoiled, yet I don\\'t take the things I recieve for granted. I think of myself as quite honest. I\\'m a great friend unless you make me otherwise. I like to do things for myself or on my own. I have an obsession with cars. I\\'m picky when it comes to men. I hate hurting someone\\'s feelings. I like macaroni n\\' cheese and corn... together. I\\'m easy to get along with. I\\'m very close to my family. They\\'re my life. If you\\'re an asshole to me, I\\'ll be one to you. I don\\'t like secrets. There are pictures all over my room of friends and family, whatever that means. I have no style. I wear what looks good on me. When it comes to spending money... I know when to stop; unless I\\
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