hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
sex_goddest_4lyf is 29/f/nsw australia
"what do u look like?"
blonde hair, blue eyes
"wanna cyber?"
if der hotttttttttttttt
"r u single?"
yes i jus broke up wit ma bf
"have u got a site?"
"what other sites u like?"
anyfin dat has good music or hot boys
"so tell me more about urself?"
i luv ma music if i didnt have it i wuld die....... i luv ma friendz 2 death remba gurlz 4eva guyz weneva wen worst cumz 2 worst ma gurlz cum 1st dats sarah karri krystal veronica storm nikki kristy jen ellie stacy jane amba hollie n da rest!!!!! n 2 al da boyz il jus say ur hottt n dean i hope u die seriously n milly i had fun last nyt lol n sarah luvz u joe mwa mwa mwa xoxoxoxoxo luv karah
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