hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
startledfrog is 38/f/Illawarra, Australia
"what do u look like?"
I'm a 43 year old fat bloke sitting in a dilapidated caravan somewhere far away, wearing nothing but my multi-stained superman underwear and a huge lecherous grin, as I pose as a hot and horny 18yr old sex goddess in every chat room you frequent. My one handed typing is often interrupted by day dreaming of one day sleeping with you, my old primary school principal, and the small pig outside. All at once.
"wanna cyber?"
I'd rather stick my entire head into a nest of flesh eating ants. You go ahead without me.
"r u single?"
*silence* Why do you bother to ask? You're still going to ask me what colour my panties are and if my boobs are nice.
"have u got a site?"
Yes. Yes I do. I made it with my friends. We're all young blonde bi-sexual females with amazing writhing bodies that we feel an absolute NEED to show naked on the internet. No, I won't give you the URL.
"what other sites u like?"
Yours is nice. I especially like the picture of you in that leopard print thong. Mind if I show it to my therapist? She's into that scary kind of stuff.
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